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Company History

The Red River Roping and Riding Club (RRRR) was established in the late 1960’s by a group of community minded individuals that had the objective of creating a better fellowship among horseman, and horsemanship among adults and juniors for pleasure, educational purposes, and entertainment, with instructions to be beneficial to all.


In 1971 they obtained a lease for a 16.97 ha property from the Government of Saskatchewan, in the RM of Buckland. The in 1973 they built a 130’ X220’ indoor arena and barn and became incorporate as a non profit business.


In 1983 the Club amended its bylaws and changed its business to model to that of a non profit Cooperative under which it is currently operating.


In early February 2013 the roof of the indoor arena collapsed under the weight of the snow and ice that had accumulated. The Club held a general meeting with its members shortly after the incident and a decision was made to continue as a Club and build a new 32,000 square foot indoor riding arena and barn.


The objective of the Cooperative is to foster horsemanship in all of its forms among people of good character and to that end:


  1. arrange for and finance suitable facilities for the use of the Club members and Club activities,

  2. encourage instruction in and demonstration of all aspects of horsemanship,

  3. create fellowship and friendly competition among horseman,


for the pleasure, entertainment, and benefit of the membership and interested members of the public.


In the past several years there has been a stronger emphasis on behalf of the Club to develop opportunities for the youth of the community to become involved and benefit from the activities presented by the Club.

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